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Ed Barguiarena is a composer for film, television, theater, dance, songs, art installations and more.

AJTM Approach


My idea of being interactive is built on a two modes of audience engagement:

  1. Active Engagement: Activities.

    1. Choosing which patterns the orchestra will play.

    2. Listening to silence for 10 seconds.

    3. Doing their own version of Clapping Music.

  2. Semi-active Engagement: Prompts, questions, ideas, that make the audience think and/or answer a question in their mind.

    1. Minimalism is an idea/concept. Each featured composer creates their own kind of minimalism.

    2. What is a pattern? Have you ever listened to silence? What if…?

    3. Connecting concepts like patterns with colors, lights, into musical patterns.

    4. Unpacking the music with the orchestra—clues for how to listen to the entire piece. The goal is to set-up the audience to be active listeners.